Portico Live In London


Photo: Marc Sethi

There was something supernatural about seeing Portico perform their upcoming album Living Fields live.

Last night they transformed The Village Underground into a vast musical canyon where syncopated ideas were bellowed into its depths and through minds’ of the hyper-engaged audience. What ever rules history has created about making music were undone and washed away by the gigantic waves of Portico’s creations smashing against the vanilla cliffs of safety.  Fragmented and disjointed, their music teeters on the edge of making no sense, and all the sense in the world, simultaneously.

They manipulated sounds and ricocheted snares against the brick walls in a way that FKA Twigs would have broken her arms on. They toyed with volume like a tropical storm being turned on and off by the forces of nature above. It was meditative, futuristic, apocalyptic. They were truly, fucking awesome.

Jono McCleery and Jamie Woon joined the band – whose line up has changed multiple times over the years – for a show that was an exceptional display of musicianship and song-writing, and a total, beautiful disregard of convention.

You can pre-order Portico’s new album via Ninja Tune Living Fields here.


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