Reso – Simple Pleasures (Om Unit remix)

reso reworks

Broken glass on a bed of cotton wool, Reso’s 2012 album, Tangram,  transcended the limits of 140bpm beats, and became something more than just dubstep.  And just as animals are drawn to watering holes, producers are drawn to interesting sounds; thus the remix-pilgrimage begins.

Out in March on Civil Music, Tangram gets a rework featuring KOAN, Billion, Doshy and RB favourite Om Unit. Washing away any dirty word associations of dubstep, both the original and this forth coming release are a complex circuit of ideas flowing in atmospheric freeform. Om Unit take Simple Pleasures to a place further than the original destination, and it feels like it was meant to be.

Pre-order Tangram Remixed from Civil Music.


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