Miguel – Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)


Miguel sounds like he’s been knocking on Frank Ocean and Usher’s doors. Do you like drugs? Do you like love? Do you like hugs? Erm, HELLO?

Sentimental but sexy, the Cashmere Cat has seen it’s prey and is ready to pounce. Hair prickling, spine curving, tension building.  But instead of the death of a mouse, what we have here is some ghetto-kitty, sublime beats. Perfect for sex and dancing – two of the best things you can do with your body. That’s what this track is for.

This Norwegian cat knows how to play the game. As ridiculous as it sounds, the vocal sample (Kanye or similar) ‘kitty, kitty,’ at 4.10, just gets me….dang! Free download too: puuuurrrrrrr.



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