Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)


It’s safe to say that imma listen to every single remix of this song that ever makes its way into the musicsphere, particularly after Maya Jane Coles pretty much turned me gay with her version of it.

The introductory few moments of ambiguity with hints of trance and the odd dubstep wobble had me a little apprehensive and, it does all take a while to unfurl but when it does you’re overwhelmed by a sound so gorgeously deep that it just about swallows you whole.

Remixed by Virgin Magnetic Material aka Shai Vardi from Israel who dabbles in minimal, bass and trance, this is a massive departure from Little Dragon’s upbeat Electronic original version of Ritual Union. Vardi takes a huge risk in fleshing the track out raw and stuffing it with wobbly, minimal, synth heavy notes. The end result is like the sexy other sister; a twisted, slower and downright seductive tune. Add it to the midnight playlist and get lowwwww. Here. 

Words – The Other Jess

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