Justice – Helix (Gesaffelstein Remix)


If French electro royalty Justice and French techno king Gesaffelstein challenged one another on the musical battlefield Helix is what it would sound like.

One is armed with a disco yielding chain saw, the other with a fleet of heaving mac trucks. The result is a frenzied war of tit for tat sound; jarring vicious techno and glorious bright lights disco are intertwined with smoking guns, piles of decapitated bloody bodies, screeching tyres and spooky wailing noises. The track is masochism at it’s finest, it’s violent, vicious and malevolent but it’s a pleasurable, provocative pain which leaves you no choice but to move with all the frenzy of someone possessed.

So, does the smouldering, suit wearing, anti hero Gesaffelstein cheekily smother the bright, light, knights; Justice? Or do electro lovers Justice counteract Gesaffelstein’s heaviness with their cheeky nudges of indie and rock.

Download here and choose your weapon.

Words – The Other Jess

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