Death In The Afternoon – Tricks (MAU Remix)

mau tricks

Epic is too small a word. Dramatic just doesn’t cut it. We’re talking Grand Canyon style grandiose-drama; but a canyon within the electric world of the Matrix. Towering, beats you could fall from edge of, plunging into a never-ending darkness. Mau, (an RB fave)¬†have an incredible talent for making things bigger than they actually are. Like Jesus with the fish situation these guys keep producing huge, steaming cauldrons of magic from only a thimble of humble water.

The repeating bass line in Death In The Afternoon, takes hold of your ankles like a painless bear-trap, refusing to let you go. Dropping out in a manner than can only be described as spiritual, replacing the beat with a visceral soundscape designed to make the body buckle under the weight of its power and beauty.

When the bass drops out for the last time, the landscape falls from your feet, you’re floating, maybe flying. And then Mau do that thing – where they drop some unexpected shit and all of a sudden the tempo has gone mad, the bear trap is gone and you’re so lost to dancing, the matrix has devoured you in an exquisite, electric death.

Mau as always, we are at your mercy!


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