Bjork – Thunderbolt (Death Grips Remix)


I got the feeeever!!! Death Grips are back at it, and after being recently dropped off Epic Records, they look as if they’re taking over the entire industry by remixing tracks for other artists. Being a big fan of Bjork, I checked out her Bastards remix album recently and to my surprise, this is what hit me. The drum work around the verses is interesting to say the least, but when the chorus hits; my chest caves in and my ears start pulsating to the beat. Zach Hill is chaotic, yet tight with the electronic-drums, Flatlander goes berserk with abstract, abrasive synths and Bjork’s soft, gentle and highly unusual voice compliments the instrumental perfectly. Honestly can’t wait to catch Death Grips at Big Day Out this year. Check it out on Death Grips’ Soundcloud!

Words – Nando

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