The Zoo Project Festival sees its second year!


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Since the British summer has been pretty absent thus far, odds are the warmer days will be found towards the end of the season. And what better way to spend hazy summer days, and warm summer nights than at one of the UK’s most exciting EDM festivals?! Clear a space in your diaries for the return of Zoo festival on Aug 30 – Sept 1!

Zoo Festival sold out last year – no mean feat for a new comer in this ever changing festival climate.

This year’s inter-forest electronic shindig welcomes the Godfather of house Grandmaster Flash,  and other 4-to-the-floor legends Derek Carter, DJ Sneak and X-Press 2, plus a host of new electronic stars like Throwing Snow and Midland. It’s not all mayhem on the dance floor; the lovely Bonobo provides a bit of balance on the this physically demanding line up. For the full list click here.

No music festival would be complete without a bizarre range of recreational activities for the mind, body and soul. Gone are days of taking your own shitty pop-up (blow away) tent. Here you can spunk some cash on an insane variety of glamping options, see performers from Ibiza, eat gourmet food, puke it up on the fun fair, and have a thai massage to help with that nasty come-down.

Something to look forward to innit! Book tickets here – it’s just up the road from London in a little wooded place called Kettering.

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