Beacons Festival Watch List



In 3 weeks time we’re swapping the dirty streets of London for some fields in the Yorkshire dales – to get dirty. Pick up tickets here.

Our tried, trusted and massively recommended acts are Local Natives, BondaxDan CrollGold Panda and Ghost Poet.

We won’t be missing:

Melody’s Echo Chamber – think Tame Impala with a chick on vocals. If you don’t know who Tame Impala are (our #1 album of last year), just drop some acid and whack some 3-d pink glasses on and turn up the psych-o-metre…

Vondelpark: if Coldplay were cool, they’d sound like this.



Chad Valley: ketamin tunes.



Thumpers: a new band from London we reckon are in for a big year.



Throwing Snow: this power-house producer is more diverse than bacon and egg ice cream. We can’t wait.



Planas: we want to see him not just because he looks a bit like Ryan Gosling…but because he creates bass that requires removal of your bones for dancing.



Dutch Uncles: Manchester’s answer to Hotchip.



J A W S: about as threatening as a gummy bear. These guys play indie for summer afternoons with free lens flares included.



For the full line up click here. SEE YOU THERE!

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