Wild Nothing – A Dancing Shell

Wild Nothing Empty Estate

I didn’t realise I liked Talking Heads until I heard this new Wild Nothing track.

That’s not to say I don’t have a deep affection for David Byrne and his gloriously awkward dancing (see this live review for more on that). You see, the thing is, I actually didn’t realise I liked 80s music at all – I kind of didn’t – until the hipsters of late took hold of it and made it frickin’ cool. It’s akin to a revelation that synth and saxaphones and lots of bass can work so harmoniously as to invoke a sense of aliveness and not leave me covering my ears and internally screaming “but I didn’t want my fringe to go spiky! It clashes with my glow tier skirt!” and running for the nearest strawberry Quik to drown my distress.

A Dancing Shell propels me to want to spin in circles on dance floors, a few double steps between the twirls. The layers slowly build from the beginning of the track and intertwine until the texture is fuzzy and warm, to which the rather cool and unaffected singing is added, giving the song an interesting contrast.

This tune is off Wild Nothing’s upcoming EP Empty Estate, due on May 14th through Captured Tracks. If A Dancing Shell or their brilliant last album Nocturne is anything to go by, you’re going to want it.

Words by Katie Mayors

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