Wild Animals – Pregnant Pause

wild beasts

A great way to find new electronic music — other than regularly checking Repeat Button, of course — is to listen to mixes made by artists you like and picking the sweet, sweet fruit within.

For example, if you download Forest Sword’s mix from FACT Magazine’s exhaustive list of famed producer guest mixes, you’ll find a track on there called Pregnant Pause by UK band Wild Beasts, off their 2014 album Present Tense.

The peculiar vocal tone by frontman Hayden Thorpe is the hook, the slowly cascading melodies are the line, and the lofty instrumentation is the sinker.

Pregnant Pause by Wild Beasts

Incidentally, Wild Beasts have two tracks that feature in a GIF-novel by Mattis Dovier, which you can check out here.

Download one track by Wild Beasts from the GIF-novel on Soundcloud.

Purchase the album Present Perfect here on Domino Record Co.

Words by Iain Excellent


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