Turtle Giant – Orange Grape

Turtle Giant Orange Grape

Lots of the press around this song is going to start like this ‘Can you believe Turtle Giant lives in Macau? Crazy, huh?’ And  ‘originally from São Paulo, too, how positively interesting!’ But I can tell you one thing now, judging from Orange Grape, the band could be from fucking Bankstown for all I care, this is one fascinating track in its own right.

Something about these emotionally charged vocals, and low, almost ominous keyboard and bass intro, belie the pop-sounding drumbeat that carries the song along and makes it appear happy. The distant, slightly echoed harmonies that follow the main vocal line in and out of the track also give it something darker, like it’s hanging on some precipice that has yearning on one side and ease on the other.

Then towards the middle there’s a fall-away and it appears it did tumble down the precipice and it’s the late 70s and Bowie is here and – huh?

Music that plays around with influences and genres (hear the surf-rock vibe later in the track?), but manages to maintain cohesion is music for me, because it’s interesting and makes me want to listen to it again and again to find something new in there. So hurry out your full-length Turtle Giant. I’m waiting.

Words – Katie Mayors

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  1. Nick says:

    Normally Indie isn’t something I’ll click on, but a person goes and uses a beautiful word like precipice twice in a blog to describe what sounds like some funky noise, well needless to say you got me to listen to that.

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