Tom Lee-Richards – The Wearing Kind


Left-field alternative/pop beatboxing singer-songwriter musician-type guy Tom Lee-Richards has a new single for the world’s ears filled with pretty melodies called The Wearing Kind. Just wait til that calypso beat kicks in…

Tom Lee-Richards promoted the track earlier this year through a unique conceit titled The Wearing Kind Project: a video/dance collaboration with Chunky Move’s Brazillian choreographer Gregory Lorenzutti, where Tom and a troupe of dancers performed a series of street shows in the inner city of Melbourne.

These alluring dance performances revolved around the track’s central theme of estrangement from a close friend as your and their lives slowly diverge.

THE WEARING KIND teaser – Tom Lee-Richards

The complete video clip for The Wearing Kind will be released shortly.

Download The Wearing Kind for free here.

See Tom Lee-Richards at his single launch at Shebeen in Melbourne on 21 May.

Words by Iain Murray

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