Tom Lee-Richards – The Wearing Kind Project (teaser)

Tom Lee-Richards mid shot

Alt-pop solo artist Tom Lee-Richards has a penchant for conjuring up curious ways to release his new music. His latest idea is a case-in-point: The Wearing Kind Project.

The Wearing Kind Project is a video/dance collaboration with Chunky Move’s Brazillian choereographer Gregory Lorenzutti where Tom and a troupe of dancers will perform a series of street shows in the inner city of Melbourne that reflects a concept he calls “Wall Building”.

Tom Lee-Richards has just released a teaser for these upcoming shows and the single to follow, The Wearing Kind.

Teaser for upcoming street shows and single The Wearing Kind, by Tom Lee-Richards

Shows are currently set for the following dates and times:

Fri 6th February – 6pm to 8pm (Queens Bridge Square)

Sun 8th February – 12pm to 2pm (St Kilda fest)

Fri 13th February – 12pm to 2pm (Swanston St)

Sat 14th February – 12pm to 2pm (Queens Bridge Square)

Visit Tom Lee-Richards Facebook page for up-to-date details on these unique performances and his upcoming single, The Wearing Kind.

Words by Iain Excellent

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