THE YETIS – Little Surfer Girl

The Yetis

In the West, every decade during the 20th Century bore its own overarching cultural identity and style (e.g. the roaring 1920s, the counterculture of the 60s, the materialist excess of the 80s, the disfranchised apathy of the 90s youth, etc). Then we hit the 2000s, where we all seem to have decided that reviving been-and-gone cultural fads, looks and sounds is a far better idea than developing something new, natural and truly reflective of the times.

But, damn it, you have to give it to the Pennsylvanian quartet The Yetis, with their 60s surf rock single Little Surfer Girl. Catchy pop melody, innocent lyrics, twangy guitars and a Beach Boys-style bridge section all coalesce to produce a dreamy song that carries you straight down the Californian coast.

It might not be a novel sound, but The Yetis do old well.

Get their two-track release on Bandcamp.

Words by Iain Excellent





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