The National – Learning (Perfume Genius cover)


The National have released their version of Perfume Genius’ heartbreaking, emotive track: Learning. The great success of Perfume Genius’ raw minimalist performance was the ability to record a gut-wrenching song that could crumble you yet still provide you a glimmer of hope that ‘everything will somehow be okay’, and The National have managed to keep that same sentiment in their cover. In true National style, the cover is dreary and melancholy, and Matt Berninger’s reverb adds depth to the track.  Berninger’s deep voice is directly contrasts with Aaron Dessner’s child-like piano playing, only adding to bone-chilling qualities of this song.

Learning is the B-side for the single I Need My Girl, it was first released on the Japanese version of the Vinyl but now it’s all over The Internet for yours truly.

Words by Naomi Jane


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