The Dodos – Substance


The Dodos music is jagged. It juts and rushes, and it ducks and weaves, but it always sounds much fuller than it should, given that just two guys create it. Perhaps fuller-sounding because Meric Long seems to use his voice as an additional instrument, and more so with the addition of vibrant horns later in the track.

What this all adds up to though, is an up-tempo beat that makes it near impossible to be still. So don’t be. By all means jut around. Just be sure to slow towards the end to take in the stunning acoustic outro.

Substance is the second single from the Dodos upcoming album Carrier, and all indications are pointing towards this album being as fulfilling as 2011’s No Color.

Carrier will be released on August 27th through Polyvinyl Records, including a limited edition Glacier Blue vinyl that has my name on it.

Words by Katie Mayors

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