Sunglasses – Blessing


This new track by Brooklyn duo Sunglasses left me with the overwhelming urge to go and buy a kazoo. Blessing, is an eclectic mix of irrepressible sounds that grow around and over each other to toe-tapping effect. Incorporating acoustic and electric guitars, hand and kit drums, a little synth and said kazoo, this upbeat summer song makes you want to grab the indie kids and head for a beach party.

The second official single off Sunglasses’ debut LP, Wildlife, Blessing pisses a tad on Vampire Weekend territory, but then trots away all non-committal. In Wildlife, duo Samuel Cooper and Bradley Keehn have managed to experiment widely, with everything from piano-infused beats to hip-swinging pop rock tunes, while remaining catchy-as-hell the whole way. You can stream the whole album via Mush Records here.

Words – Katie Mayors

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