Still Life Still – In Enemies & Burial Suit

still life

You’d think songs inspired by death and loss would be rather maudlin, perhaps suitable for a 4-day cry, post break up?

Not if you’re a member of Canadian 5-piece Still Life Still, apparently. Taking a cognitive approach to emotional trauma, their 2nd album Mourning Trance is packed full of positivity. (If these two tracks are anything to go by)

Staying true to their 90s heritage,  there’s a vague hint of Dinosaur Jr hidden in Burial Suit, while In Enemies has the driving guitar riff of early Bloc Party. Plus a chorus so bouncy, it has summer anthem written all over it.

Out on Arts & Crafts on Aug 20, Mourning Trance is their sophomore release. Check out their US and Canadian tour dates here.

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