Shady Lane – Happy Without Controls


From the ascending trills that open this new Shady Lane song, you are musically beamed up into a galactic euphoria. This space-warp synth melody travels through the entire track and stays mesmerising, perhaps hypnotising, throughout. It’s skilful synth work from Sarah Jullienne, which nicely wraps around Jordie Lane’s lo-fi vocals, giving the song a warmth.

Although immediately taken with the transporting qualities of this tune, the more I listen to this song the more it gets under my skin. The drums bring a sexiness and slightly ground the ethereal sound, without which the song would have been like losing gravity without a rope attached to the mothership.

As the song spirals towards a close and reality beckons, I can’t help but feel like I’ve been hurtled back against my will. It has me pondering voluntary hypnotism, interplanetary meditation, you know, psychedelic shit like that. But then pressing repeat and closing my eyes is a much easier way to gain this feeling again, which is kind of like swimming though stars.

Happy Without Controls is the first single from this Sydney four-piece’s second album, Built Guilt. It’s available now through their label Rice is Nice.

Words by Katie Mayors

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