Merchandise – Begging For Your Life/In The City Light


If Miles David, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan decided to conceive a track, it would probably sound something like Merchandise’s new masterpiece. Begging For Your Life/In The City Light is the first track to be released by Merchandise on their new label, 4AD (Pixies, Bon Iver, Deerhunter), and without a hint of remorse, the full track goes for 14 minutes. Merchandise, who originally emerged out of the Tampa Punk scene and morphed into an unrivalled psy-rock/shoegaze success have perfected their sound, creating soundscapes from layered instruments which billow and rip at each other. In Begging, Merchandise manages to capture the often unspoken misery of city life, deglamorizing it in a way that we’re familiar with from Morrissey’s lyrical work. (“Oh, all the eyes at the Whiskey bar/Drink the liquor from dirty jars”)

The track first appeared on a highly collectable split tour cassette with Chelsea Light Moving and 1 000 individually numbered copies are being released for a one-time vinyl pressing from 4AD records.

Words by Naomi Jane



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