Loon Lake – On Fire

loon lake

No Look Lake song would be complete without something to make it stand out in the rambling, sprawling markets of indie-ville. Some kind of quirk, riff or lyric that makes you look twice and go, ooooh, that’s different. Their new single On Fire  has a weird, out of tune riff that brings a touch of psychedelia to an other wise bluesy type affair

It’s is raw and grungey but still keeps the danceabilty – funkability? – that Loon Lake have become synonymous with. Craggy guitars tear at your ears like a friendly puppy who hasn’t yet learnt how to draw blood, while the snappy lyrics and driving beat are sure to make this one a Sunday arvo drinking session favourite.

On Fire – out March 1-  is a taste of what’s to come from their album later this year.

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