Lime Cordiale live @ The Standard 5/7/13



It’s not too often that you see crowd surfing in smaller music venues these days, but with the love emanating from Lime Cordiale’s crowd at The Standard on Friday night, I can’t say I’m surprised.

This ska-pop band from the northern beaches certainly brought an infectious energy to the Surry Hills venue, with a polished performance fronted by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach.

On the surface Lime Cordiale are an ensemble of fun, with the ability to lift moods and spur on all kinds of spontaneous dance (well, if the two girls doing giggly interpretive moves in front of me was anything to go by), but just looking at the surface would not be doing justice to the combined talent that was on stage.


By the second song of the set, Faceless Cat, James Jennings showed signs of the versatile drumming that would drive the tempo of the evening to a variety of places, all ones you would want to visit. This combined with the mood-heightening trombone playing of stand-in Donna (wearing what appeared to be replica Sandy from Grease pants that I would be surprised weren’t also sewn on), and keyboard playing by Tim Fitz that at times ventured into Pink Floyd territory (and for that I salute you), proved a closer observation was in order.

Not that there appeared to be too much of that going on, the audience apparently fine just rolling with the fun and enjoying playful lyrics such as “she’s got a lot of good things going on in her brain”. In fact as the set rolled on, I started to understand why plastic cups were a good idea, but also why people say Australians have all the good looks. There were sexy young things scattered all over the room, but I digress.

Sharing vocal duties, the two Leimbach brothers alternated songs with ease, and although their singing voices are similar in style, Louis’ voice is a little looser, scratchier, more unpredictable, but enviable in its range. Oli on the other hand seems a natural front-man, clad in a late-70s style brown leather jacket that gathered at the elbows, he smiled at the audience and invited them in, sang at them with confidence, talked them through the night.

At the first hint of their new single Bulls**t Aside, the crowd was done containing themselves. First it was a sitting on the shoulders, next it was someone climbing on stage, jumping off. But it didn’t end there. By the time the set reached its climax, half the audience had jumped the platform to join the band, but with this kind of music, they asked for it.


You can also catch Lime Cordiale at the following shows on their Bulls**t Aside tour:

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Saturday July 13 – The Workers Club, Melbourne

Thursday July 18 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Friday July 19 – Solbar, Sunshine Coast

Saturday July 20 – Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

Words by Katie Mayors

Photographs by Milly Mead


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