Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day


Lay down in an urban breeze, gaze skyward and tune in to the unhurried bliss that is a Kurt Vile song. For me, this is nine and a half minutes of destination happy place. With no need to brush the sleep out of your waking eyes, this track will conjure dusty road trips with your elbow leant over the car door, sun visor flipped up.  Am I driving? Are you driving? Who cares.

The melodically consistent pace of the song, and Vile’s near-mumbled lyrics, do well to mask the many layers of skilfully composed guitar lines that build as foreplay throughout the track. I could loop this song into an eternity of Sundays, pillow behind my head, dumb smile on my face. I just may.

Wakin On A Pretty Day is the first single off Vile’s upcoming record Wakin On A Pretty Daze, out through Matador on April 8. If you pre-order the album through iTunes, you will receive an immediate download of this title track.

Words by Katie Mayors

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