Kurt Vile – Never Run Away


This second single from Kurt Vile’s upcoming album Wakin on a Pretty Daze is classic Vile, and verifies that at least some of his new work won’t stray too far from his lo-fi truth. Good news if you ask me.

With guitar that somehow seesaws between a raw electric sound and a sunny shimmering vibe, he pulls the track along with his hypnotically repetitive vocals. And it’s the vocals that always get me with Vile. They somehow mumble and drone through the track, like he is telling you a message you only half need to know, but he’ll repeat it in case that’s helpful. The vocals inflect and then fall away, evoking a stream of consciousness, almost like he’s talking in his sleep. It’s easy to become so engaged by them that you miss the subtle musical changes that happen regularly throughout the track, like the addition of synth or the often-changing bass-line.

Wakin on a Pretty Daze is out through Matador on April 8. The official video for the track, complete with spoken intro and press-play-and-see-what-happens vibe, speaks further of his indifference, and can be seen at KurtVile.com.

Words by Katie Mayors

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  1. Kronstadt says:

    True, the vocals are interestingly captivating.

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