Family & Friends – My Life, My Love

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If music could occupy the physical world, Family and Friends’ sounds would be a farmhouse table playing host to brood of happy, tactile, smiling beings.

Some may roll their eyes at the sentiments addressed in this band’s name and song title. But they’re probably mean and bitter, unable to enjoy this lovely music for what it is.: genuine, honest and human. It’s flesh and blood on the bones of beautiful songs.

I’m guessing this American band would count the likes of Mumford and the Head and the Heart as friends: not a bad group of people to be associated with. They have a new EP coming soon, but in the meantime you can stream their 2014 release here.


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  1. debbi evans says:

    …love pretty much everything we saw and heard. First heard you at City Music Roots….peace and love in your “life’s dance”

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