#1 Dads – Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon)


Heartstrings piano and winter are by now firm friends. Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm surely agree, having composed many odes to the coldest months between them.  And whether intentional or not, that #1 Dads have released a stunning ivory number on the first day of winter, signals a continuation of this fine matching, even if Return To has given the sound a decidedly Melbournian twist.

Overlaying a synth drum beat atop a luscious piano line is unexpected at first, but when you urge the track into the Melbourne alleyway of your mind, alongside local contemporaries like Chet Faker and Oscar Key Sung, it makes perfect sense. The broad slow-tempo vocals add an alluring sadness to the track, but with the addition of a choir-like backing line, the song is brought into perfect balance.

#1 Dads is the solo project of Big Scary’s lead vocalist Tom Iansek, but on this track he has collaborated with fellow Melbourne musician Tom Snowdon from Lowlakes. #1 Dads sophomore album About Face will be available through Pieater on August 8.

Words by Katie Mayors

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