Tiny Ruins – Rolling Mill Blues

Rolling Mill Blues

You’re in an indistinguishable town. In fact you don’t really know where you are, but in a bar half-full of strangers. A pit-stop in the night. You order a bottle of beer and sit at a small scratched wooden table. You don’t even notice someone walk on stage. The acoustic guitar doesn’t draw your attention, too weary from a long day on the road.

But when a woman’s voice traverses the space, the bar falls quiet. Beers part from lips and are held mid-air, eyes like magnets draw to the spotlight on stage. Because a voice with presence has demanded just that, that you listen to the tale that is unfolding. It’s a tale of sorrow and blood, train tracks and emptiness, and it’s sung via a velvet tongue. The piano, bass and guitar keep a measured bluesy pace that allows these stunning vocals, both buttery and bold, to take the fore.

When the last I never bring nothin’ to this old world, and I won’t carry nothin’ away is sung, you wander back to the bar to make inquiries. You find out she’s from New Zealand, that her name is Holly Fullbrook, but her act is called Tiny Ruins. You scribble on a napkin, and walk with chills out into the night…

Rolling Mill Blues is from Tiny Ruins‘ upcoming EP Haunts, which will be available on April 19 through Spunk Records. It’s a beautiful cover of the 1929 song by Peg Leg Howell.

Words – Katie Mayors

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