Misty Miller – “Taxicab / Rabbits”

Rock n roll is dead, isn’t it?  Maybe it isn’t quite dead yet if South London’s Misty Miller about.  She’s not bucking to electronic trends & 80’s R&B here.  She’s just doing what she’s doing & it’s sounding great.  In B-Side Rabbits, newly uploaded today, Miller offers a late night, trippy guitar jam that’s something you can just indulge in on a lonely night where as single Taxicab is a bit more of an alterative pop explosion.  There isn’t a great deal of music around like this at the moment so hats off to Misty for doing her thing here, and executing it rather masterfully.
There’s an official video for Taxicab you can hear HERE.  Check Taxicab & Rabbits below:
BONUS LISTEN ** Petrified **


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