Jack Savoretti – Lifetime


‘There’s only so much you can do in one lifetime’. Jack Savoretti should be an agony uncle; when he’s not making amazing music. This is a musical remedy for stress; lay back on Jack’s sofa and kiss your problems goodbye.

Lifetime captures the very essence of adulthood, and fills it with the carefree spirit of childhood: just let go….  It’s an organic summer anthem.  Jack’s jaunty, resolute folk will shift your mood, knees and toes.

Jack, who’s of Italian and English decent, used to be a poet and obviously had very good looking parents. He’s on tour now and you can buy the single here.


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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Jack is amazing, his lyrics and music touch your soul. If you haven’t heard him yet get listening and if you haven’t seen him live you are missing a sensational experience. This man is humbly gregarious when he performs.

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