Weeknight Sinners – Give Me A Taste


Are you a massive pot-head? Do you endlessly pull on bongs, wiping the haze of the day from your blood shot eyes? For me those days are over, but if I was still a stoner, I would crank this wonderfully raw, synth-gaze track from aptly named, Weeknight Sinners, and get high as fuck, sinking further into the floor which each slow, staggered beat.

They tell me they recorded the opiate-infused Give Me A Taste without computers, but left out any chemical details.  They’re an experimental, distorted  two-piece from LA. Like a TV set from the 80s with no ariel, their sound fazes in and out through a snowy black and white screen; sounds loaded with mystery and intrigue. This is their first track due for release on vinyl and cd (of course) in March. Looking forward to the next hit.

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  1. John says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for more!

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