Two Syllables – Vol 9 (First Word Records)

two syllables

That feeling that washes over you when you find money – the guilt free kind that isn’t in a wallet and hasn’t just fallen from someone’s hand – that elation of discovery, is precisely what I felt, but on a grander scale when I stumbled across this compilation from the rather spectacular First Word Records.

A collection of some of the most exceptional, left-field, off-kilter shit I have come across in a while, and the best bit is, it’s available for free download.  

The rolling double bass Yosi Horikawa’s Stars is so moving it’s as if the strings are inside you, playing with your soul. Juxtaposed with the bass in DJ Lok’s Asleep; uncompromising and brutal.  A huge contrast to the understated beauty of Frameworks.  There really aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good this FREE compilation is. Stop wasting time reading this and download it.


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