Ta-ku – Night 22


Assume Nothing: that’s the motto an old boss of my mine used to live by. He was a massive tosser, but he was so right. (How annoying)

Perth’s Ta-ku has established himself as one of the most prolific Aussie producers of the now. He’s probably most well known for his hip-hop-esq beats; stuff you get down to, stuff that makes you wanna move, not to mention the endless array of magic touches he puts to other people’s work. Even more impressive is the amount of soul this dude has.  Anyone who is capable of giving so much of their heart and time to music has to have more than the average bear; think his 50-day tribute to the late J-Dilla. That’s some biblical shit!

But back to assuming nothing. Just because the boy is rude (not lacking manners), doesn’t mean he is not capable of making beautiful music akin to the moving and ground-breaking back catalogue of Nitin Sawhney.

Within his 25 track dedication to another late muse  (Japanese producer, Nujabes who died in a car crash) is this track simply called Night 22.  Yes, there’s a beat, yes you’ll want to tap your foot, and yes it’s a bit of leftish hip-hop. But my point is I just didn’t expect this of Ta-ku, and that’s why I get so many kicks from him. The piano hook is so damn gorgeous, it turns my mind into a waterfall.  Where other more popular Australian producers are led by radio station audiences, Ta-ku stays true to his heart and emotions.  And there is nothing more beautiful than being able to hear someone’s soul. You can never assume the  next direction of Ta-ku’s limitless talents.

Check out the entire 25 Nights For Nujabes on his soundcloud.


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