Ross Fish – Innocence Lost

rosh fish

An obscure, intriguing solo artist from the states – Ross Fish has many different styles to hook his listeners in.  His new release, Little Is Big, like his previous records, is a mish-mash of genres; beautiful, minimal electronica, contrasting a set of piano led songs and vocals, not a million miles away from Ben Kweller. Although I’m left feeling rather confused by all the genre hopping, it’s a happy confusion, like when you take a sip of a drink thinking it’s water but realise it’s actually a G&T. There aren’t many artists who can feature in both my chilled electronic, sunday session playlist, as well as bluesy americana. It’s hard to believe the next two tracks are from the same artist, let alone the same album. His bandcamp will take your ears on a weird and wonderful journey through the insides of his mind, which a complex cavern of ideas and experiments.



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