Psymun – Lobby Music (feat. K. Raydio)

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 8.29.12 AM

Who was it that said expect the unexpected? They were right. This is soul music for extra-terrestrial beings.

Psymun kicks off his track off with a bizarre space-age world of wonky beats suitable for sliding along Saturn’s rings. You’d expect the track to pan out in its instrumental glory; woozy and intergalactic. At most you’d expect Lobby Music to develop some bleeps and whizzes, perhaps a hint of bass. But instead you’re hit with sounds from the other end of the spectrum – certainly not produced by a computer- and slowly the warm, homely tones of K.Raydio bring you back down to earth.

If you like the strangeness of Lobby Music you should probably download the album – it’s a fusion of hip hop, experimental beats and other-worldly sounds. It reminds me of Aim’s album from 1999, Cold Water Music.

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