Ngaiire – Dirty Hercules (feat. Nai Palm)


This girl.

Savour the smoothness of this single by Sydney future folk/soul artist Ngaiire (pronounced ‘nigh-ree’) featuring Nai Palm from the Grammy-nominated Melbourne soul band Haitus Kaiyote. The single is called Dirty Hercules (feat. Nai Palm).

Flooring her audience at MONA FOMA in January this year with alluring aural irregularity, Ngaiire’s Uranus Tour 2014 is currently orbiting the South and East Australian coasts, including gigs at Apollo Bay Festival and WOMAD in Adelaide — the World Of Music Arts and Dance festival — founded by none other than Peter Gabriel!

This girl is making constellations. Ready to burst.

Buy Ngaiire’s debut album Lamentations for $10.

Free downloads of her tracks here.

Tour dates for the Uranus Tour here.

Words by Iain Excellent


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  1. JohnCitizenBand says:

    Wow, I’d not heard of this until now… Thanks for the heads up!
    I remember hanging out at Nai Palm’s house a few years ago and she was showing some friends and I the early arrangements of Hiatus songs… She’s come a hell of a long way!
    Anyway, good article. Look forward to reading about more of your discoveries.

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