Lucian Blomkamp – You and Me ft Rosebud Leach


Young upstart and strapping young lad Lucian Blomkamp has just released a video clip for his chilling single You and Me Ft Rosebud Leach. When the nineteenyearold experimental electronic producer released his selftitled EP in early 2012, it shot tingles straight down the spine of the Melbourne music scene.

You and Me Feat. Rosebud Leach neatly embodies the overall tone of the LUCIANBLOMKAMP EP: gloomy and sullen, yet eerily seductive. Each track demonstrates a crafty arrangement of vocal cuts, varied instrument samples and icy melodies, delicately embroidered together with flirtatious downbeat grooves.

With a full length album coming late this year, this will not be the last we hear of Mr. Blomkamp.

You can download the entire EP for free here.

Check out Blomkamp’s first ever interview at We Talk, You Die.

Words by Iain Murray


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