Geotic – Forest Floor [ft. M. Luna]


With the new Baths (a.k.a. Will Wisenfeld) album, Obsidian, to be released on May 28, it’s worth uprooting some glowing musical gems hidden inside his website.

If Baths is the wild, whimsical bubblecluster frothing around you in a well ­deserved bubble tub, then Geotic (the other name he produces under) is the feeling when you dip your head backwards into the water and, suddenly, gone is worry, gone is the world.

It’s truly astonishing to believe that there are EPs and full length albums available for no­strings­attached free download. Geotic offers some of the most enchanting and uplifting music around since Sigur Ros. Recommendations for first listeners: the EP Bless the Self and the album Mend. Every track on these releases will melt you.

With both Geotic ­­and Baths, ­­ Wisenfeld has handcrafted a sound that elegantly captures the unspeakable, the spiritual, the eternally good.

Considering the awe and beauty of Geotic, it’s pretty safe to say that Obsidian is going to freaking whale.

Words – Iain Murray

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  1. dan says:

    love the piano in this..

    rap beats

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