Deco Child – Skinless Pt. 1


I always feel a little closer to that mythical place they call heaven when I listen to Deco Child.

Last year S&G was one of our favourite tracks. And  Skinless Pt 1. is following suit. It tells an epic story in its three clear sections. The beginning; calming piano, soaring vocals. The middle; as per the beginning but with a booming kick of bass. The end; a massive, full-body-rush climax, bringing all parts of the tale together, in total and utter, profound closure. It actually left me rather speechless. Which doesn’t happen very often.  Although Deco Child has his own sound, I can’t help but hear echoes of Active Child (vocal range) and Sigur Ros (in the tone of) this masterpiece.

Skinless Pt 1 is from his next EP of the same name out on May 15 on Ninja Tune. Pre-order here.

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