Zola Blood – Pieces of the Day

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Any Londoner knows how awful the night bus can be. It’s experience we hope to one day to earn enough to avoid. But Hackney four-piece Zola Blood paint a hypnotic picture of an early hours journey on the number 8 that makes me wanna spend the foreseeable future trundling along on a comedown-fuelled double-decker.

Pieces of the Day with its rich textures of synths and rumbling bass awash with MattWest’s ethereal tones captures the longing for home in the most elegant of ways; it’s game changer – just like their previous single, Play Out. Recorded with producer Richard Formby (Ghost Poet, Wildbeasts) this newbie solidifies Zola Blood’s status as one of London’s most exciting bands.

After falling in love with the lust laden beats of Play Out and the band’s debut ep Meridian, I’m excited to see the boys are in the process of creating their debut album with a little help from Pledge Music.




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