Yosi Horikawa – Bump


It may sound a little like you’ve fallen into a creaking, sludgy swamp-jungle, but in fact you’ve slipped into the warped mind of Japanese producer, Yosi Horikawa.

Obsessed with organic sounds (kitchen utensils clacking around, forest wildlife, banging bedframes etc), Horikawa’s sound is really like no other. Forward thinking in a kind of eco-warrior way, he creates music not just to listen to, but to experience. If you let your imagine go with the Horikawa flow, you’ll find yourself in some pretty strange places.

Bump is taken from Vapor, Horikawa’s first full length on First Word Records. Each track on Vapor is so detailed and entrancing, it’s hard not to feel like you’re there with him – in the bizarre world he created from audio bricks and mortar. Bassy grooves, experimental beats, strange melodies; Horikawa leaves no leaf of his jungle unshaken. Download from his Bandcamp and listen again and again cos you won’t get bored.

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  1. Lo Tide says:

    Great stuff from Yosi as always!

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