Torn Hawk – Blindsided

torn hawk

Few independent labels sit as close to my heart as Californian weirdo institution Not Not Fun. The name conjures powerful memories, spanning the glorious archive panic of my initial encounter with their brand of psychedelia to the time I almost had a panic attack meeting founder Amanda Brown. It’s emotional stuff. Emotion that has occasionally felt misdirected at a label that has often seemed wilfully aloof.

So it is always reassuring when I find NNF’s output reminding me of their humanity, as is the case with Torn Hawk’s Blindsided. Lo-fi guitars and synths float over a mechanical groove, with the saturated components frequently bleeding together to form a texture so warm and inviting that you reach out for it, with every passing melody seeming to be the track’s attempt to reach back and raise you into the fantastic plane it occupies. Sure, that may be a tiny bit too hopeful, but I want to believe!

Disregarding my baggage, this is still a complete triumph from Torn Hawk and NNF. Immense.

Words by Blake Damilatis

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