This Mess Debut EP

this mess

Hailing from Wollongong, This Mess have just thrown a very tidy EP into the mix. Traversing the distance between dark and light, they make good, solid electronica; a side shuffle left of dubstep and a little nudge closer to nu-soul.

Where other electronica and chillwave artists focus more on the instrumentation, flow of rhythm and melody, This Mess take it further by entangling powerful vocals in their tracks, thus becoming songs. Strip the vocals away and you’re left with beautifully constructed patterns, alluring mellow bass, and the knowledge that Jim Wilson really knows how to program his buttons. Yet it’s the vocals that make this duo so addictive. The girl-next-door appeal of Tace McNamara’s voice, is the reason This Mess are the splash of red in the chaos of the blue electronic sea.

There are a few stand-outs on the EP; The Worst Me, which has a gentle giant bass line, holding up a flower-fairy set of vocals. Love ’til We’re Lonely, a wonderful mix of melancholia and elation. And Castle, which is straight up cotton candy on a summer’s day.

Grab their EP here for just $4, and if you happen to be in the Gong tomorrow night (nov 15) you can catch them launching their EP.


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