The Child Of Lov – Heal

child of lov

I hope Damon Albarn is using protection; he’s certainly getting around at the moment. And you can’t hide anything from social media. No, he hasn’t got herpes, as far as I’m aware, but The Child Of Lov is yet another project he’s dipping his fing…er into. He produced Heal, but as to the identity of this Lov Child, I know not. Some dude that’s been making beats for while, that likens himself to Gnarls Barkley, and Jai Paul who lives in Georgia and who is future-awesomeness.

Whoever he is, he’s created some (not-shit) mass-appeal, with a very infectious groove. The vocals in Heal, kinda sound like he’s been kicked in the nuts, but it works like lube on a dry night. Aaaaaaaand he’s just posted this cheeky little preview of the next single due in Jan….and I can’t fuNkin wait to get down to it.

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