Sunrise Blend 2 – Juicy


In 2012, French record label, Juicy graced us with their second smorgasbord of smooth and tantalising tracks to help immerse you in the glory of the almighty summer sun.

Summoning grooves from producers like Ta-Ku, Vanilla and Soslylove, Sunrise Blend 2 tempts and seduces with a ravishing cocktail of hip-hop and future funk. You’ve never tasted anything so pleasant and familiar, yet so damn spry and fresh.

This delectable 25-track assortment of aural flavours is all yours, for free downloadNow go soak up summer. We’ll let you know of the third Sunrise Blend instalment from Juicy if and when it spills.

If you like what you hear, download the first Sunrise Blend too.

Words by Iain Excellent

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