Siriusmo – Enthusiast LP


Welcome to weirdness.  Siriusmo, the electronic artisan from Berlin, has unleashed his latest LP, Enthusiast.

Once again illustrating Siriusmo’s extensive command of musical form and style, each track from Enthusiast leaps excitedly from one genre to another – electropop, neodisco house, hiphop, techno, bass, downtempo, jazz, ambient – yet, miraculously, manages not to sacrifice that sense of coherence you tend to find in your favourite albums.

Few producers experiment with sounds as craftily and playfully as this man. This is the kind of album that you’ll want to put on high rotation just to exhume the finer details buried beneath the tracks. The album is called Enthusiast for a good reason: whatever it is, there is something fluttering inside made of fun and colour and magic.

Buy now from Monkeytown Records.

Words by Iain Murray

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