Secheron Peak – Slow Gravity

slow gravity

It’s a tragedy that so much talent exists in the world without being discovered. So here’s a slice of the unknown. Jump into the ornate universe of Melbourne’s Secheron Peak. A dark, twisted and complex reality where gravity doesn’t exist and ideas linger in the air like smoke. A maze of obscurity with genius in the centre.

He’s just released a stunning album of futuristic electronica with its roots firmly wrapped around post-rock.  MK2 is rich and textural with deep bass, swirling patters, jittery synths and zingy guitars; you’ll want to dance to it as well as loose your mind. Heavyweight Earth is profound, slower, but builds into a spectacular soundscape evoking visions of northern lights, dramatic fjords and other far away lands.

The album, Slow Gravity is available for a name your price download on his bandcamp; if you’re looking for an experience akin to out of body, make a b-line for it.  Listening to this stuff should not be taken lightly.  Leave a trail of bread crumbs or may well forget where you came from.



Words – Miss Button

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