Ryan Hemsworth – (。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)


Well, I think Hemsworth has proved with this glorious piece of electronic music (or at least with the title) that men do sometimes think the same thoughts as women.

I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die, is perfect. When a track is built with such attention to detail, such story telling, and covers every angle – slow, fast, beauty, bass, and a huge range of sounds – it really makes you appreciate the genius of the producer. Ryan Hemsworth, my face is yours for the taking.

Taken from his album, Still Awake, which speaks to all electronic music lovers, it’s one of 6 tracks that illustrate Hemsworth’s artistry. With its release timed for summer, perhaps he was aiming for bedrooms of wayward young girls, aroused by the warm nights? At the very least, Still Awake will receive countless late night listens. All available for free download here.


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