Rain Dog – Regolith


Rain Dog (or Samuel Evans in his human form) has turned sampling into an art form so majestic it transcends music and penetrates senses you’ve yet to understand or realise you had.

Having spent years messing around with software in his bedroom, he’s truly found his calling. For someone who by his own admission says he’s never been very good at songs with lyrics, he sure as hell can write a story in sound.

Regolith – and the rest of his album, Two Words – is composed within the space of experimental bass music, using movie moments, snippets of musical influences and any other sound that may have caught Rain Dog’s attention to create intelligent, thought provoking music you can get lost in physically and mentally.

Out on the uber eclectic German label, PROJECT: Mooncircle records; you can grab a free download of Regolith via the excellent XLR8R and grab the whole album from Bandcamp.

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