Panama – Its Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave to the Grave Remix)


So blissful it’ll make you swoon. Ejeca’s Rave to the Grave Remix of Panama’s, Its Not Over is an intricately woven love affair between breathy vocals, dreamy indie sounds and circling house beats. Oh, and some poignantly placed piano keys that will probably make you come in your pants.

Erring on the Indie side of things Panama’s music has a distinctly romantic feel to it and the original track is no exception. Ejeca’s remix softens the original slightly with an element of melodic moodiness but never departs or detracts from it.  It’s  a rare occasion that you love a remix and an original equally but here is the exception.

Another legendary Future Classic discovery, Panama take risks in the blending of contrasting musical themes. The result is a string of perfectly moulded tunes that sound like lust filled summer road trips.


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